Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Savvy & the Chic Vol.7: Perfume Commercial *mixed by Hektor Thillet*

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*A glamorous music compilation for those who have met with the very essence of love.*


Got You ('Lume ft Guests of Nature) W
Where Do We Dream (Down With Ben ft. Calling Sister Midnight)
Yesterday (J. Spiers (DIAGA) ft Mykle Anthony)
La Grande Dame (Hektor Thillet ft Grapes and Calling Sister Midnight)
The Living Game (St. Paul ft Panu Moon)
Wiggle Room (Copperhead ft Fredie Deats)
Swanker (Alex Beroza ft Dripmanila)
What Are You Going To Do (J. Lang ft Mind Map That)
Surprise Me (Alex Beroza ft Mykle Anthony)
Pocket Dream (Transm ft State Shirt)
Forgive & Forget (Rhythm Beating Silence aka R.B.S.)
Walk With You (Ruin Roads ft Ann Bailey)
Lick My Wounds (Stephen Fewell ft Ciggi Burns)
Just A Song (Mandroid Music ft Julius Curcio)
Spank (Loveshadow)
I Donât Hurt My Love (Vidian ft Surveillance Party)
Being Burned (Koan ft Spinning Merkaba, J. Mitchell & Magic Moon)
The Kitchen SinQ (MC Jack In The Box ft Morusque, J. Langâs Crew & Ciggi Burns)
Cold, Dark & Lonely (DJ Libertarian ft KCentric)
Dream In Blue (Lasswell ft A Minor Theory)


So I’ll tell you the tale… It all starts back in the Hard Rock days-Yeh! The Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Hollywood, FL-days. I use to stay there once a year because of work. All expenses paid, everything I wanted to eat & drink, sexy behind-lounge & pool area; and most sexy of all-my very own palatial suite [don’t mind if I brag/it was to die for I tell you!] Anywho! So late night, when I was off the hook with my job duties during the stay at the hotel, I’d chill at the pad with a few lucky friends I would invite over for that year. We’d dress-up fabulously for no particular reason, mix some cocktails, and get the party started.

Don’t worry, here is where the music part comes in…

So even though I would always bring my I-pod, packed with the smoothest lounge for my “me- time”, we demanded a different type of lounging music once a year in such occasion. The type only a Hard Rock Hotel’s random playlist coming through hotel speakers can provide. Oh man, was it good music! It would get us dancing, jumping, spilling our drink doing a line dance, singing our lungs out; or finally winding-down to reminisce on the good old days. Mind you, the music was not all Rock & Roll, nor was it the lounge you would usually ummm… lounge to. It was a blend of the stuff you’d get at a bitching runway show or perfume commercial. The kind of music that speaks more to that ego wanting to come out and strut all over the place ala “Say something!”

More recently, I’ve spent much of the last 2 years involved with fashion & glamour; whether it is through work or getting sneaked in as whatever onto the runway. Delicious house/chillout music is not all that plays there. Foremost, is usually personality which takes center stage. Much like in a TV-commercial, a story about the individuals, the fashion, the perfume, the moment, is being told through music heightening these essential elements. The tracks, usually ranging from delicate to loud and filled with attitude, evoke a reality that although often glamorized stage moments in time we’ve all been in. This is the music compilation I set out to do in this seventh entry of The Savvy & the Chic--A bit of those Hard Rock nights, the runway, and the occasional TV-commercial fashion porn , all mixed in for the pure joy of being____________ [you fill in the blank].

I want to thank everyone involved with this release who contributed their music, art, and ideas to make this guilty pleasure of mine a reality.

Hektor Thillet


Photography - Tuta Veloso
Art & direction - Hektor Thillet
Wardrobe, Hair and Makeup Assistant - Carla Vishnwdey
Models - Hektor Thillet & Maja

"The Savvy & the Chic is a chillout album series, compiled and mixed by Hektor Thillet. This series features an eclectic mix of music available in the Creative Commons Music Community.. All tracks are CC-licensed."


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