Thursday, May 12, 2016

THE SAVVY AND THE CHIC VOL.10: BEAUTY *compiled by Hektor Thillet*

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THE SAVVY AND THE CHIC VOL.10: BEAUTY *compiled by Hektor Thillet*


It is said that sharing is life. And as we come to the consummation of this series, it is my whish that the life that was shared in this project through music, artists, collaborations, friends and a lot of love for the artform in the independent scene is enjoyed for many generations to come.  I thank all the independent artists that where featured in this series for sharing their art. I thank the music movements, primarily for giving me the oportunity to share my talent and always supporting me; and for saving the independent music scene one new awesome artist exposed at a time. And I thank all of those that embarked with me in this music journey that now comes to a close. It was a pleassure to be in your company. We conclude The Savvy & the Chic with Beauty. And it is in that sentiment that I wish you all a beautiful life filled with kindness - the kindness that is sharing. Enjoy.

- Hektor Thillet


1 - Ivan Chew - Ganesh Atharwa Sheersha (ft. Oxana)
2 - Jeris - Meditation Is A State of Mind
3 - Alex Beroza & Hektor Thillet - Libre Como El Ave, Vivo Como El Verdor (ft Tania)
4 - Jeris - I Want To Love You (ft SackJo22 & Javolenus)
5 - Charlie Charles - Waiting (ft Orris Root)
6 - El Petit Jardi - Our Silence (ft Jeff Harper - Luna Llena en Bogota Mix)
7 - Ed Thomas - Hurt
8 - Clare Lim - Summertime (Electric Lounge Remix)
9 - Weekend Sun - The Last Monkey (ft Aretha Franklin)
10 - Haik Solar & Arni Rock - Tango With The Wind (ft Llona)
11 - Boogie Belgique - Forever & Ever
12 - Kaolin Kit - La Favela  (ft. Tania, Dani Depizol, Alvacir Ferro)
13 - Massimo Di Nocera - Family
14 - Band of joy - Bulgarien By Bus
15 - The Freak Fandango Orchestra - Balkan Beats
16 - Le Couleur - Concerto Rock
17 - Nicolas Jaar - El Bandido
18 - Carolina Camacho - Ninfa De Las Aguas


"The Savvy & the Chic is a chillout album series, compiled and mixed by Hektor Thillet. This series features an eclectic mix of music available in the Creative Commons Music Community. All tracks are CC-licensed."

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